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Hangzhou Hengsheng was certified as a municipal R&D institution, and won the 2022 National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise Certification by CNIPA

In August 2022, Hangzhou Hengsheng Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Hangzhou Hengsheng”) ,a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hengsheng Medical, was recognized as a Hangzhou high-tech enterprise research and development center by Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau after independent declaration, expert review, on-site inspection and recommendation publicity. The name of the R&D center is “Hangzhou Hengsheng Medical POC Diagnostic Enterprise High-tech Research Center”.

Relying on the Hengsheng Medical Enterprise Technology Center, we make full use of R&D sites and equipment resources, mobilizes the enthusiasm of R&D staff, and continuously explores and pursues the direction of POC diagnosis.

National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise is one of the highest honors in the field of intellectual property management in China. It refers to an industrial field that belongs to the country’s key development, can undertake major national and key industrial development projects, has independent intellectual property rights, and actively carries out intellectual property protection and application. Establish a comprehensive intellectual property management system and mechanism, and an enterprise with comprehensive intellectual property strength.

Since its establishment, Hengsheng Medical has been committed to providing high-quality products, technologies and services for the field of diabetes. It has created its own brand “PRO Doctor”, and has continuously accumulated intellectual property rights such as invention patents and software copyrights. In the review and publicity process, on October 31, CNIPA determined that it will be a new batch of national intellectual property superior enterprises in 2022.

Hengsheng Medical will continue to focus on its main business, continuously improve its innovation capabilities and the implementation of patent transformation, enhance its core competitiveness, provide high-quality products, technologies and services, and promote the development of “specialization, refinement , differentiation and innovation”.


Post time: Feb-07-2023