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Hengsheng Medical won the Silver Award in the 4th Smart Health Pension Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Hengsheng Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (“Hengsheng Medical”) in the 4th Smart Healthy Pension Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2022, after the initial project screening, preliminary review, final roadshow and other links, passed the professionalism of experts from the organizing committee. The judges stood out from hundreds of projects and won the silver award in the smart health service group.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Smart, Healthy and Elderly Care is the most influential annual event in the field of smart health and smart elderly care in China. The health and elderly care industry has grown.

Hengsheng Medical independently builds scientific research and innovation platforms such as the autonomous region enterprise technology center, and has obtained ISO13485, ISO9001 and other management system certifications. The self-owned brand “PRO Doctor” series products are widely used in blood sugar monitoring, treatment and management of diabetes, and the product quality is accurate and stable. It has been recognized by domestic and foreign professional testing institutions, and provides high-quality products, technologies and services for hospitals and diabetic patients.

Not only blood sugar test records, but also blood pressure, blood oxygen and other test records, insulin, oral hypoglycemic and antihypertensive drugs and other medication management, equipment quality control management, and chronic disease-related health information can also be viewed on the chronic disease information management platform .

Up to now, the “chronic disease information management platform” has been put into use in more than 500 hospitals across the country, realizing the sharing of patients’ chronic disease detection data, facilitating in-hospital consultation and follow-up of patients discharged from the hospital. In the 2021 National Industrial APP and Information Consumption Competition , the “chronic disease information management platform” developed by Hengsheng Medical won the Information Consumption Application Innovation Award.


Post time: Feb-07-2023