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Portable Digital small Blood sample Glucose Meter

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Detection method electrochemical biosensing
Test sample Fingertip capillary whole blood and venous whole blood
Sample size 0.8μL
Detection time 5s
Scope of Test 10 – 600mg/dL
HCT 15% ~ 70%
Operation requirement 9℃ ~ 42℃(10% RH ~ 80% RH)
Storage requirement 2-32℃
Average days calculation 7,14,21,28,60,90days
Battery life ≥1000times
Memory capacity 500sets
Measurement Unit mg/dL
Power supply 2 batteries
Sleep mode below 2.5V
Auto power-off After 2mins
Temperature warning <9℃,>42℃
Product size 94.00mm * 60.00mm * 25.00mm
Weight 57g(exclude battery)

Interfering substances

(1)Ibuprofen (no more than 50 mg/dL), salicylic acid (no more than 60 mg/dL), creatinine (no more than 5 mg/dL), uric acid (no more than 23.5 mg/dL), ascorbic acid (no more than 3 mg/dL), acetaminophen (no more than 20 mg/dL), dopamine (no more than 0.09 mg/dL), levodopa (no more than 3 mg/dL), xylose (no more than 5 mg/dL), galactose (no more than 100 mg/dL), maltose (no more than 200 mg/dL), heme (no more than 500 mg/dL), conjugated bilirubin (no more than 50 mg/dL), unconjugated bilirubin (no more than 40 mg/dL), triglyceride (no more than 3000 mg/dL), and cholesterol (no more than 500 mg/dL) have no significant interference with the test results, and if exceeding the ranges, they may lead to a large deviation in the blood glucose test results.

(2)Do not use anticoagulants containing sodium fluoride for blood glucose testing.

(3)Glutathione (reduced) and pralidoxime iodide at therapeutic concentrations may affect the blood glucose test results, so people taking these two drugs should not use this product for blood glucose testing.

(4) The range of hematocrit (HCT) required by this product is 15%–70%. If HCT is out of this range, please do not use this product for testing.

Company Advantage

1.Professional Manufacturer, a national-level technologically advanced “giant” enterprise
2.Deliver goods as order request by sea, by air, by express
3.ISO13485, CE, Prepare various shipping documents
4.Reply to client inquiries within a day


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